Monday, 1 December 2008

Steady on

No, you're not seeing double, two posts in 24hours!! I probably should have posted this yesterday, it being the first day of advent, but anyway I was very excited to have finally MADE an advent calendar. I have wanted to make one for many many years and finally I have. A few weeks ago I asked my friends on the SC forum for inspiration as they are such a talented bunch and always willing to share their ideas. Inspire me they did with lots of lovely possibilities and having gone public with my long time intention I thought I'd better get on and actually DO IT!!

Technically it isn't really finished(ran out of time!! as I think it needs some more embellishing, but I'm thinking I can add to it a little bit each year. I sent it to my youngest daughter, who even at 23, still longs for a calendar every year. She received it yesterday in the post and was thrilled at my efforts. I have put a series of notes for her in the pockets and I guess there are lots of possibibilities for future years.
Thanks shabby chiccers for giving me the oomph to do it at last!!


MaryPoppins said...

Fabulous, what a lovely idea to put little notes in :)

Really special


Lace hearts said...

How lovely that is, you clever thing. I love advent calenders - it really builds up the anticipation.

dancingonabladeofgrass said...

Ooooh that's WONDERFUL!!! Well done you! Glad you've posted twice in 14 hours ... I keep visiting but no-one's been at home until now! But you've been so very busy ...xxxxxxxx

claire said...

You are very clever its lovely :)
I didn't get roundtoit!! Maybe next year??
(I said that last year too!!)

angel said...

Oooh i see you went with my idea then Windy.......... *smile*

Its beautiful Honey!!!!!!!! never knew you had it in ya.... lol yes i did, you are sooooo clevererererer.

I also cant believe you have done two posts in as many days!!!!! well done.
Your Daughter is gunna get years and years of love and enjoyment out of her Calender.
Loads of love and hugs.

Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

second wind said...

Thanks everyone, lovely to have your comments. DD was very excited when she got it and loved the idea of the notes. I shall try and add to it each year till it's properly finished!
Claire, that's just what I've been saying for most of my lifetime lol! I certainly wouldn't have done it without all your "encouragement"
Angel, I can't believe two posts either, let's hope I can keep going. x

Tilly said...

This is lovely. I keep intending to make an advent calendar but I never get round to doing it. Sewing isn't really my forte so I think that's holding me back - lol!

sharie said...

Absolutely beautiful!! Well done!